Virtual Labs @ Leeds

This site houses a number of open educational resources developed for use with (predominantly) first year biochemistry and microbiology undergraduates in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, to support their preparation for practical classes. Each unit contains a range of resources relating to a specific practical technique including:

  • The theory which underpins the technique, with self-assessment questions to test understanding
  • Instructions for carrying out experiments using these techniques

The units use a range of media, including animation, still photographs and video. In most cases the text is voiced over. They are suitable for a range of uses from self-directed study to classroom/laboratory presentations.

Please feel free to use/link to the resources on this site, or to download them from JORUM and amend them as necessary for your purposes. We would welcome feedback on who has used them, and what you think of them.

Educational resources we offer

Detailed diagrams with annotations Embedded videos with supporting material Detailed instructions and overviews Interactive demonstrations Examples of best practice Quizzes and worked examples Glossaries and identification information
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